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Financial Coaching

Do you want to take control of your finances, make smarter financial decisions and learn how to use money as a tool to create freedom? We are here to teach, mentor, and guide you regarding budgeting and day-to-day money management, saving and investing and finally, developing your prosperity mindset. We will help you understand basic money and finance concepts, build a spending plan and stick to it, create a freedom fund, learn how to invest and finally develop the right habits and mindset to have confidence when managing your money. We offer virtual-only (video calls) one-on-one financial coaching. Our packages are flexible and we adjust them according to what the specific client wants.

What is Financial Coaching?

We are not here to advise you on specific investments or try to sell you any financial products. Our priority is to help you understand the fundamentals of personal finance and develop healthy money management habits. We partner with clients who are looking to:

  • Get organized. Organizing your financial documents and creating a net worth statement is an important step in becoming financially empowered.

  • Track spending and set a budget. Creating a cash flow statement and budget will help you make more thoughtful decisions on your future spending and saving.  

  • Create financial goals. Setting short- and long-term financial goals, then aligning your spending and saving with these goals, can help you get on track — and stay on track.

  • Understand credit scores and credit reports. You’ll learn the factors that can positively and negatively impact your credit score, as well as strategies for maintaining or improving your credit score.

  • Learn investment basics. Arm yourself with the fundamentals so you can make better decisions about where and how your money is invested.



Our Coaching Plans

"Empowering Your Finances, Enriching Your Future: Your Journey to Financial Wellness Starts Here!"


We will target any area of personal financial management where you are feeling overwhelmed. Whether you need help with financial organization, debt management (including credit cards and student loans), budgeting, creating net worth statements, or basic investment knowledge, we can help you manage through your most difficult challenges.


Are you ready to take your small business to new heights? Our Small Business Coaching Program is designed to provide you with the strategic guidance and hands-on support needed to drive success. Whether you're a startup navigating the early stages or an established business looking to scale, our program is tailored to meet your unique needs.


Our program goes beyond mere credit repair, focusing on a comprehensive financial wellness strategy. Learn how to manage debts, establish healthy financial habits, and secure a solid financial future. Partner with our credit experts who will demystify the credit score process, identify areas for improvement, and guide you through effective strategies to boost your score.


Is your business ready to harness the power of strong credit? Our Business Credit Coaching Program is tailored to guide entrepreneurs, startups, and established businesses alike through the complexities of building and optimizing their business credit profile. Take charge of your financial future and position your business for unprecedented opportunities.

Grow Your Vision

Still unsure? We can help you choose the best plan for your financial needs. Contact us today for a consultation.



Providing What You Need

Our consulting services cover anything personal finance and small business related. If you have questions and you need answers or you are stuck and need help, we are here to help you. Our approach is for you to send the questions you have in the checkout (message box) and we will prepare to answer you directly in the video call without losing any time. If you want a personalized plan or long-term support you can contact us through email or book a consultation.

Weekly Activity Form

This form is for Organize Kaos Coaching clients to help track your goals, measure progress, and accountability. This survey asks a series of questions that allow me to get a better understanding of you and your skillset so I can better assist you in your financial journey.  Please take a few minutes to fill it out.  Thank you

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